Thursday, March 24, 2011

Six Scoops


 Chloe Sevigny for O.C $410.00
 Amrita Singh $100.00
 Kurt Geiger Pumps $295.00
 Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge $28.00
 Rachel Leigh Gumball ring $100.00
In the spring and summer wearing light dresses always feels easy and liberating after a long winter of wearing tights and boots- having the right accessories is usually what I focus on when I put my outfit together. I don't like to wear tons of layers in gorgeous weather. Try buying light and simple dresses,stock up on fun jewelry, shoes, and make up instead of adding on unnecessary layers.  


  1. Chana I love this outfit! I need you to come take me shopping. When r u coming back to NY??? Can you make a post on a designer outfit and then how to get the same look for less :) gotta buy diapers ya know

    love Zahava

  2. I would totally buy that dress, purse, and ring!!

  3. Zahava! Definitely that'll be another column- ill make it special for you! June =)

  4. I want the shoes they are amazing