Saturday, April 2, 2011

The North Market

{A view from the market-top in the sitting area.}
{Greener Grocer's- Local Honey}
{The Curd & Whey's Saint Agur Cheese that is also known as 
Blue crack for being highly addictive}
{Sun dried Tomato Burgers, packed with spices and herbs}
{Marketplace Shoppers- Lance & Heather}
{Fresh Chickens from Amish- Boned and seasoned to perfection}
{Jack- North Market Poultry & Game}
{Pam's Popcorn- Most popular flavor: the Chicago Mix- 

crunchy with a kick of cheese and spice.}
{The Greener Grocer- Fresh organic and 

local produce}

Walk into the North Market and you'll be intoxicated by the bouquet of fresh produce, soups, and baked goods. On a recent visit i thought of Dean & Deluca, Chelsea Market, and all the other specialty shops i have frequented. However i soon learned that the North Market was in a class of its own. Yes the aroma was the same- but the atmosphere wasn't. I circled the store several times and watched the different venues while people shared their favorite chowder, baguettes, and ice cream. 

All the merchants were smiling, gracious, and patient with every customer. And then i realized that's what makes The North Market so special. Among my favorite specialties was 'The Fish Guy's' Scottish organic salmon. Not only do they have a wide selection of fish like the gorgeous sea bass and yellow fin tuna, but their prepared food is made daily from their freshest ingredients. 

Being kosher only my eyes could taste, and if your one of those lucky ones who can, save your salivating for 'Hubert's Polish Kitchen'. Prepared foods like White Kielbasa that Hubert makes himself, or his chicken-meatballs that are mixed with onions and tomatoes, then in cheddar cheese, and fried in bread crumbs.These made my mouth water while my nose was pressed to the glass showcase. And if your not the meat type try Hubert's creamy Polish home style mashed potatoes which consumers swear are to die for! 

 Places like 'The Greener Grocer' are a chef's resource; they carry colorful fruits, and vegetables year round that are hard to find on a daily bases. They also try to keep them at low costs by buying them from local farms. Today they had fresh Kale from Athens Ohio and were very excited while i watched them shovel wheat-berries from wicker baskets into bags. And my last visit was at 'Curds and Whey'- They carry over 500 cheeses from South America and all over the United States such as Camembert, Saint Agur (picture above) and Brie, as well as caviar and squid ink. 

The North Market is a place for foodies and a place that turns people into food lovers. The warm atmosphere, outdoor lighting, and pleasant aroma will keep you dreaming and craving for weeks. Most importantly it will unfailingly turn you on to creative cooking.Oh, and if you qualify, be sure to visit on an empty stomach!
Bon Appetit!


  1. Any recipes for sun-dried tomato burgers or chicago mix popcorn??!

    Love the pics of the locals. HI lance and heather!!

  2. That cheese looks too good!! Can't wait to see what goodies you whip up with your purchases!!

  3. I'm voting tuna tar-tar and kale chips!

  4. I always wondered what is the first thought that runs through a blind mans head on bumping into some blue cheese? Hmmm....