Sunday, May 15, 2011

Cranberry-Orange Scones

The Scones were perfect! The crisp and buttery dough melted in my mouth, and with every bite all I could think was, "how sad my scone is almost finished!" I thought the process to be tedious and hard but on the contrary there was room for error. This recipe has many ingredient substitutes, some people put yogurt or heavy cream instead of buttermilk- but I believe that the buttermilk is what perfects this recipe. Growing up my mother used to have baking days on which she would make all kinds of scones; Blueberry, Cranberry, and Chocolate chip. All were fluffy, and baked to perfection; Each one made with a lot of thought, love, and care. You most definitely would be lucky to get a hold of a scone baked like that. 
Everyday I would open my snack bag and pray that my mother had snuck a scone in. Of course she always did and a second one for my favorite third grade teacher, Mrs. Coyne! My mother would bake her batches of cranberry scones all through elementary and my high school years.  See Recipe here.
{I love the zest so I added two tablespoons instead of one}
{Using dried cranberries instead of fresh adds chewiness}
{Be sure to eat with a freshly brewed coffee!}


  1. Awesome pics! I'm dreaming of one of these right now with a French press!

  2. Chana! You were supposed to make these in NY! They look divine.

  3. yay a recipe! maybe in my next life I will be an amazing baker... but thanks for the tips chana. Zahava

  4. why was I not there for this im so jealous

  5. im drooling... wish i could cook