Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Strawberry Shortcakes

Let's not neglect this season's finest- Strawberries! Although they are delectable on a warm spring day , they are also extraordinary in these adorable personalized shortcakes! From grocery shopping to eating the whole experience was exciting! Especially since the recipe was so easy to follow. Making homemade  whipping cream and buttery biscuits with sweet strawberries is all too enjoyable. Every bite was pure sweetness and goodness. My spoon softly broke the shortcake apart and the bites of layered biscuit, cream, and strawberries was finished in no time!     
See Recipe Here
The Biscuits were beautiful after I brushed them 
in cream and sugar! 
Be generous with the strawberries and whipped cream, the messier the better!


  1. Dream come true! These biscuits are so beautiful I'm actually crying a little just looking at them.

    Hans, you are a star!

  2. Whatever you do dont look at the nutrition facts!!
    They look amazing. Now I have to go eat something to get my mind off of strawberry shortcakes!

  3. p.s. all, they were incredible!! seriously!