Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Hummus & Endives

My first bite of hummus always leads me to a nostalgic memory; Sitting at the most amazing Hummus bar with my best friend Riffy, in the Old City of Tel Aviv. The two of us were both starving and little did we know, we had landed ourselves in Tel Aviv's best well-kept secret. Only a block from the beach we could still smell the salty water, and enjoyed the cool breeze that accompanied a gorgeous March day. A menu of forty different kinds of homemade- hot- hummus, falafel, and warm doughy pita was all this little bar had offered. The chunky texture, salty flavor, and nuttiness from the sesame paste, all blended together so perfectly into an unimaginable rich and flavorful Hummus. For weeks after, this hummus was all we could talk about.  
See Recipe Here
{Kosher Salt}
{Sesame Paste}
{Drizzled with Hungarian Paprika and 
Extra Virgin Olive Oil}


  1. I LOVE hummus! I'm trying this recipe as soon as possible :)

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  2. This looks amazing!!! What a yummy creative way to spice up hummus!!!

  3. Hummus always takes me on a trip when I eat it. However, often store bought hummus is full of chemicals, preservatives and what-not. It great to see a recipe for a fresh, simple, and miscellaneous free hummus. Thank you!!!

  4. i'm not a big fan of hummus but these photos are making me drool!


  5. Omg I want this NOWWWW CHAAAAANA