Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Breakfast In Bowls & Glasses

Breakfast is probably the one meal I would have the most trouble skipping. The few mornings that I've run out of the house coffee-less and hungry, I didn't make it far before stopping at a bodega, and grabbing a bag of pretzels. One of my many motivations to waking up extra early, is having a enough time to prepare a satisfying and healthy breakfast. 
{Seeing the layers of granola & yogurt is half the fun. 
The other half is eating out of a charming glass!}

{Anthropologie Latte Bowls Seen here}


  1. Chana I love this!!!! I miss the photo shoots and the spring rolls!!

  2. Forget breakfast. I could use a cappuccino right about now!

  3. Yum! Looks absolutely delish!

  4. a latte bowl?? what a lovely idea. now I want one!

    x. jill