Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Halloween Chocolate Bark

Although I no longer live in a community that celebrates Halloween, growing up, my siblings and I would excitedly wait by our front door and hand out chocolates to all the neighborhood tricker-treaters. I remember every October 31st as a crisp fall night; you could smell burning fires, and the cold autumn air. This year to reminisce every October 31st that I'd secretly stuffed my pockets with chocolates, I'd decided to make a chocolate bark, something a bit more sophisticated, and still fun to eat! 
{Scharffen Berger dark chocolate}
{Black sesame seeds}
{Cayenne Pepper}


  1. Such a pretty treat! And anything loaded with cayenne sounds like perfection. Might be nice with a sprinkle of sea salt as well!

  2. haha, give this one to the kiddies - they'll be in for a real hot surprise! I agree with myr, sea salt would be yummy. i originally though the orange was turmeric...would also be nice.

  3. I love your Halloween memories.