Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Destination Duffel: Burlington, Vermont

Destination Duffel: Winter Vacation
1) Echo Design Center Point Touch Gloves (Touch Screen Sensitive!) $68.00Here 
2) Silk high tea top Madewell $118.00 Here3) Vince Sequined Georgette Skirt $295.00 Here
4) Boutique By Jaeger Camel Duffel Bag $270.00 Here
5) Jocelyn Exclusive Short Rabbit Infinity Scarf $158.00Here 
6) CO-OP Barneys Combat Boots $535.00 Here7) Heart Me Sweater $88.00 Here
8) Club Monaco Pleated Skirt 9) Teardrop Spot Blouse $76.00 Here10) H&M skirt $70.00 Here
11) Asos Marky Patent Brogue $58.00 Here12) Marc by Marc Jacobs Ring $130.00 Here


  1. Love this! Ive had my eye on a couple of these pieces already! Im surprised Myriam doesnt have #8!

  2. Love those red gloves and the rabbit fur scarf! look so warm.

  3. I love the camel duffel bag, just a bit out of my price range!

    x. jill
    those ghosts