Thursday, May 17, 2012

Dulce De Leche Bars

Chewy, salty, and glazed in caramel, these bars are heavenly and delectable. Their enchanting and sweet appearance adds to the experience of eating them, and makes every bite a treat. Although I resisted the temptation to finish the whole tray of caramel bars - I should warn you that it was very hard! I love making dessert bars because they are delicious, and usually easy to prepare. Sprinkling the kosher salt over the caramel bars creates a sweet and salty balance that goes perfectly with the thick and soft crumble. This dairy dessert is super easy to make, and makes the perfect gift- or dinner party dessert.
1-1/2 c all purpose flour
1-1/2 c old fashioned oats
1 c light brown sugar, packed
1/4 tsp table salt
1 c butter, softened
13.5 oz dulce de leche
1 c toffee bits (optional)
1 tbs kosher salt for sprinkling
1. Preheat the oven to 350°. In a mixing bowl combine the flour, oats, brown sugar and salt. Add the butter and combine with a fork or electric mixer- until the mixture is crumbly. Reserve 1/4 of the oat mixture for later. 
2. In a 9 x 13 baking pan press down the crust mixture and bake for 10 minutes.
3. In a medium sauce-pan heat the dulce de leche for 3-4 minutes until is softens and is pourable.
4. Pour the dulce de leche over the crust. sprinkle with remaining crumble mixture and toffee bits.
5. Bake for another 25-30 minutes until golden. Sprinkle kosher salt over bars, and cool for 20 minutes. Run a knife around the edges of the pan and wait for the bars to completely cool before cutting- about 2 hours.
Bon Appetit!


  1. I am making this right now!!!

  2. where can i buy kosher cholov yisroel toffee bits?

    1. A Candy Store! They may come wrapped up individually in little chunks- in that case just chop them up! :)

  3. man alive! can't wait to make these!!!

  4. these most definitely look like they travel well...just saying

  5. Dear Rosiest Cheeks, Right after we saw this post we made it! It was a perfect thing to make to welcome Shavous, and was a perfect family treat! I enjoyed sitting in the kitchen cutting toffees into fours. And tasting the perfect combo.
    -Thank you! great blog, great comments!