Thursday, June 13, 2013

Three Treats~ Rosiest Cheeks Returns!

{Cayenne Pepper in these perfect ceramic spice jars we received for a wedding present!}

It's been close to seven months since the last post! The absence, however, was for many good things thank G-d, for which I'm infinitely grateful. To say the least, getting engaged, married, and setting up a new home didn't leave much time to whip up blogposts, or spend my days cooking and preparing giveaways. But now that my apartment is newly painted and the kitchen is almost back to organized, I'm looking forward to getting The Rosiest Cheeks back in motion.

{Belgian chocolate, coconut, almond, and oat snack bar}
{Italian anchovies on homemade pizzas!}


  1. Would love the recipe for Belgian chocolate, coconut, almond, and oat snack bar! yum!! Sounds like something your mama would whip up in a moment's notice!;)

  2. omg chana! so exited to see this updated again!