Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Kohlrabi Fries

{Kohlrabi Fries dipped in chili aioli}
{Kohlrabi is also known as a German Stout which mainly grows in Europe. This stem vegetable belongs to the cabbage, cauliflower, and turnip family. Mildly sweet, kohlrabi is high in dietary fiber, and plenty of vitamins.} 
 {1. Cut off the top and bottom of the Kohlrabi. With a peeler, gently peel of the skin. Be sure to have a good grip. }
{2. After removing the skin cut the kohlrabi in half.
Then slice medium size sticks - if you feel 
          they are to large,cut the sticks in half again.}                
{ 3. Line the kohlrabi sticks in a large glass pyrex 
and sprinkle olive oil, chili powder, garlic salt, 
and kosher salt. Be very generous!}
{4. Mix the kohlrabi gently with your hands and even out. 
Set your oven on baking mode at 350. 
Pop the kohlrabi in for a good twenty minutes. 
Then, put the oven on broil and let them evenly crisp!}
{In a bowl whisk together mayonnaise, lime juice, garlic salt, chili powder, smoked paprika, and Kosher salt. this is a great aioli! * For every two tablespoons of mayonnaise,
 add one tablespoon of lime juice.}
One day after a long work out, I decided I was going to whip together a fun dinner. My sister and I ran down to the grocery store and checked out this funny looking kohlrabi! We decided to broil it with some salt- It was delicious. Full of vitamins and dietary fiber, kohlrabi is a great healthy-alternative to french fries and will fill you up quickly! So those of you working on tightening your booty for the summer, and want french fries- make these succulent and delicious kohlrabi fries instead!


  1. I always see this at the market and never know what it is or what to do with it. Definitely going to try this

  2. really it looks delish. Can u replicate on pesach...?

  3. Chana, these look quite scrumptious! What are your thoughts on deep frying these cuties?

  4. if you aren't trying to shed your winter booty then definitely fry the cuties!!!

  5. chana you inspired me to start a blog. no making fun. i have no clue what its about and i dont even fully get it. but i saw your kol rhabi fries and im like 'dude i am so starting a blog.'

    wish i was there to try them!