Sunday, April 10, 2011

Mad4Mod Vintage

I love Mad4Mod vintage because absolutely everything is in perfect condition. You don't have to be worried about finding moth holes when you get home, or stains, and everything is so reasonably priced!
Mad4Mod will make you forget all of the stores in cities like New York, and Los Angeles where vintage is extremely pricey. The real beauty of vintage is finding beautiful and unique clothing at reasonable prices. However, I will say there are those few times you will find expensive vintage that is worth every cent. Such as a vintage dress that is the perfect style and fit!
Here is something to keep in mind when vintage shopping; Clothing can be beautiful and still not be wearable. There are two important questions to ask yourself when vintage shopping: 
1)Is the fit flattering?
2)Is the print/color of this outfit for me ?

The biggest let down is pulling something exquisite off the rack and then trying it on only to find yourself  in a horrible fit. It is easy to convince ourselves that the outfit is perfect despite all of this. Don't fool yourself, it will sit in your closet for months, unless your are certain it's worth fixing by a tailor.
The common second case scenario is to find an outfit that is so flattering but the print is just not for you! 

*I bought a gorgeous dress which is currently at the dry cleaners- will post soon!

*Mad4Mod Vintage is located on 3292 North High St.  Columbus, Ohio


  1. Excellent article and stunning pictures. I love vintage shopping and cannot wait to use ur tips and advice. Ur blog makes it easy to look great at a reasonable price. Thanxs

  2. This store looks cool I will definitely be checking it out!!