Saturday, April 16, 2011

Six Scoops- Stripes & Brights

Six Scoops- Stripes & Brights

Madewell Clipper Stripe Dress $128.00 
Topshop KOSY Coral Suede Slipper Shoes $100.00
Tori Spelling Necklace $50.00
NUMBER ONE Milky Vintage Brown $180.00
Rachel Roy Ring $48.00
Forever21 Handbag $27.00

This outfit is perfectly fun! It's a great balance between neutrals, stripes, and brights. I personally don't have a problem wearing bright colors but not everyone can wear hot pink or electric blue. In that case play around with bright colored shoes and pair them with neutral dresses instead. 


  1. Yeah, definitely, a camel colored one would look awesome with it !

  2. Oh Rebbetzen MYS just wear a nude kiki riki underneath!