Friday, April 15, 2011

Spiced Moroccan Salmon

Contrary to the common belief Moroccan food is not hard to digest, not complicated to make, and most definitely not fattening! While my mother prepared this dish she told me one of the many great advantages to cooking Moroccan food is that almost everything is made in one bowl or pot- Moroccan cooking is about efficiency, cleanliness, preserving the freshness of each ingredient, and therefore it does not require many utensils or steps.
 Something that I've learned from my mother,a fabulously talented and creative cook, is to never bother with a recipe that has long lists of ingredients. Like my grandmother, my mother prepares everything the day it will be eaten. In my grandmother's broken English she told me, "Americans, diet diet diet, no eat fresh- no skinny!", and its so true! 
Moroccan cooking is all about health, colors, freshness, and of course taste. If you have had "Moroccan" food that has left your stomach tossing and turning, try again, it probably wasn't real Moroccan food. Buying Moroccan salads and dishes from the grocery store or any place that makes it in mass quantities will never taste the same. It has lost the freshness and flavor that is savored when made in small quantities.
Going away to school in New York I would visit my grandmother. I never would call before to keep her from cooking up a storm and making a fuss but somehow, magically a hot plate of freshly made food was always waiting for me. From baking, to cooking, my grandmother trumps any other cook I have ever known. Never following recipes, her pastries, entrees, and salads, are always fresh, colorful, and made with love and perfection. Trust me, you definitely taste the love and the only reason my stomach has ever tossed and turned, is from eating way too much. 


  1. I have never enjoyed true home-made Morrocan food, but i look forward to taking your advice and trying it. As usual your posts have my stomach rubbling. Keep the food posts coming!!!

  2. Looks so good. Lea you make the best food!!

  3. I just stumbled across your blog and so impressed with your photos and authentic Morrocan fish recipe. Looking forward to making this for my family to enjoy and to reading more if your posts. Thank you for sharing!


  4. Looks fabulous! I might jet over for the holiday :)

  5. The lemons were the best part. And nomes you are invited!!

  6. what's the recipe sounds delicious!