Monday, June 27, 2011

Meat Pizza

Growing up, my mother would make amazing homemade pizza. Although we never cooked with her, we were more than welcome to watch. I remember  her rolling out the dough and adding all of our favorite toppings. I would constantly peek my head into the kitchen to be sure she didn't forget the mushrooms; of course she never forgot, and always put on the right amount of sauce and cheese.  
For dinner, I wanted to make homemade pizza, but with a twist. I rolled out the dough, used my favorite marinara, added arugula, meat, spices, and sautéed onions- because they are amazing in everything! I have never had a meat pizza before so I decided why not improvise, and try something new; here are my results.
{See basic Pizza dough recipe here,
or use frozen Pizza dough}
{ I Used Pizza Sauce, Chopped basil, Arugula, Sautéed onions,
and Beef Chuck Steak Fillet }
{Add Red Chili Flakes, Kosher Salt, 
and drizzle Extra Virgin Olive Oil }
{Bake the Pizza On 400° for 20 to 25 minutes }

Bon Appétit 



  1. This looks so delish! Gonna try it asap!


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  2. Looks amazing! Any leftovers??

  3. looks delish! any leftovers?!

  4. Hans, this looks (and tasted) like a masterpiece. Clearly this is small proof of your endless creativity and talent in the kitch. 

    Gorgeous photos and surprisingly, the arugla was my favorite part! (or maybe that's not so surprising ;)

  5. Thanks Myriam!! I'm not surprised you liked the arugula best =)... no more leftovers but i'll gladly make you some =)