Thursday, June 23, 2011

Six Scoops- Summer Dress For Less!

Six Scoops- Summer Dress For Less!

Polka-dotted H&M dress $24.95Shop here
Case-Mate 'kayla" Wristlet $48.00Shop here 
Sunglasses H&M $6.00Shop here
Glossy Bow Sandals $16.80 Shop here
Bumble and Bumble Hairspray $14.00Shop here
Spring Street Bangles $38.00Shop here

This outfit is perfect for work in the summer! Its hard to wear layers, and button downs in the heat! You can easily add heels and a blazer to this dress. My favorite is the Bumble and Bumble Hairspray! It keeps my hair all together through out the day, and adds lots of volume.


  1. I El Oh Vee Eee those flats! And the wristlet is adorable! Well done mon Cherie

  2. adooorable outfit. those flats are the sweetest <3

  3. your outfits are always so modern and unique! i love your perfect sense of style and the way you blend it all together its a true masterpiece each one im awed by your sense of taste and style best of luck! sara