Friday, August 12, 2011

Perfect Pullovers For Fall!

Fall Pullovers
HM camel sweater jumper $40.00 shop here
Organic by John Patrick waffle knit pullover $385.00 shop here
Madewell sweatshirt sweater $68.00 shop here
Uniqlo extra fine merino sweater $32.00 shop here
Knitted stitched tie back sweater $80.00 shop here
Open stitch jumper $80.00 shop here

Summer is always an easy fix. It's usually too hot to layer- and that's the beauty of it! Simply throwing on a cute t-shirt is the hardest part. Why not start fall the same way? These pullovers are simple and beautiful, and would look awesome layered with button downs, blazers, and belts!

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