Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Soft Boiled Egg & Asparagus

Soft boiled eggs are reminiscent of growing up, a child friendly food that was- and is still- an exciting breakfast surprise; cracking the top of the egg open and dunking a toasty piece of bread into the yolk was always a fun mess. This past week I had been craving a soft boiled egg and toast, but unfortunately when I got to making it we had run out of bread. Luckily there was a beautiful, crisp, and green bunch of asparagus staring at me in the refrigerator. I had seen the combination of asparagus and soft boiled eggs before, and figured that this couldn't have been a better time to try it! Lightly peppered, drizzled in olive oil, and topped with crushed sea salt, the asparagus was a perfect option for 'yolk dunking' and left me feeling healthy, filled, and happy- because I had tried something new. 
1 bunch (5 oz) fresh asparagus 
2 organic large eggs 
1 tsp crushed sea salt 
2 tsp coarse black pepper
1 tbs extra virgin olive oil 
1. cut the hard ends off of the asparagus. In a large pan lay the asparagus out. Cover the asparagus with water and on a high flame let it simmer until the water begins to boil. Drain the asparagus and quickly rinse with cold water. set aside. 
2. Fill a small saucepan 3/4 of the way with water and bring the water to a boil. meanwhile, take a safety pin and poke a small whole at the bottom of the egg (don't worry, the egg won't crack- and the yolk won't drip!). Once the water begins to boil drop the eggs in. time the eggs for exactly 4 minutes (This is very important- any longer and they will be hard boiled). Remove the eggs with a slotted spoon and set on a a plate or egg holder. 
3. Drizzle the olive oil, sea salt, and black pepper over the asparagus and crack open the top of the egg. 
Enjoy dipping the asparagus into your soft boiled egg or spilling your yolk over the asparagus. 
serves: 2
Bon Appetit!


  1. Yum!! Something so simple and so delicious!

  2. that looks really good- a healthy, easy and delicious breakfast. Ever tried an egg-in-a-pepper?

  3. That is just the mad hatter all over again!