Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Three Treats

My last minute trip home to Ohio was exactly what I had been needing. The past five months were a thick buildup of school, work and the busy churn of life in New York City. Getting off the plane I realized how relaxed the atmosphere and people were here, something you could never imitate in New York or any other busy city. Sometimes the smallest pleasures are what remind you of life's simplicity; My mother's salsa Verde- made with fresh herbs and peppers and green tomatoes grown in the backyard. Chocolate truffles,  a labor of love from our close family friend, (as well as a culinary role model for myself) Chani. And fruit so perfect and ripe, it screams summer, demanding to be enjoyed on a slow rocking swing as one quietly waits to spot a hummingbird. Soaking it up, life's seeming complications melt away and I can enjoy the feeling of me again. 


  1. can you share the recipes of these?
    thanks for your words, they ring true.
    enjoy, sharone

  2. Please check out retrolilies.com to find your secret admirers! Thank You!

  3. Those truffles look divine!!!!!

  4. Nothing like a trip home to Ohio!!
    Ive been gorging on truffles there quite the treat :)

  5. is that even possible??