Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Fix

{My Closet}
{Fabric Hangers will keep clothing from slipping}
{See organizing bin below. Personalized shelf, candles, perfume, jewelry}
   {See scented shelf liners below.}

I always had the problem of not knowing what I own. Now that I moved all my clothes on shelves in the closet i can see everything in front of me- instead of being tucked away in drawers. I read an article on organizing your closet in Lucky that featured great LED closet lights.I found these lights very reasonably priced at Target. Adding Lights and character to your closet will make you feel more organized and add tons of excitement to getting dressed ( I promise!!). It is crucial to invest in whatever it takes to make your closet pretty, and appealing. Like food, clothing must be presentable ; No one likes to eat something that doesn't look appetizing, and no one wants to wear clothing that looks drab or boring. After we spend so much time, energy, and lots of money on clothing, it easily can go to waste if we don't cultivate our excitement for what we already have. Not only will an organized closet help you see and work with your clothing, but you'll probably start shopping for the right things too. Being able to see everything that you have in front of you will keep you from buying the wrong things.

Take all your belongings out of the closet. Fold all of your clothing, and be sure to button and zip everything. Separate cardigans, blouses, shirts, hang-ables and shoes. Then color coordinate everything in neat and tidy piles. Be sure not to stack your cardigans and sweaters to high (piles of five or four). All hang-ables should be on matching hangers, and separated by item of clothing and then by color. I recommend a shoe hanger for the back of your door, having shoes on the closet floor never stays organized, they will always end up in a pile. Finding cool shelf liners, and decorative organizing bins are great ways to to easily give character to your closet. Go to the Container Store and make one trip for everything. That way you can make sure that everything in your cart goes together well and that you don't buy things that aren't useful, you don't want to clutter, you want to organize!
{Scented closet liners $8.99}

{This will save you the aggravation of getting 
deodorant marks on your black dress!$9.99}


  1. Chana! I am TOTALLY inspired!! Can I fly you in to NY to redo my closets?

  2. Love the collection of silk blouses!

    It's so funny u put this up bc this is exactly what my closet looks like. LED lights and all!

  3. i so wanna raid this clean lookin' closet of yours!

  4. Hans, looks amazing! my dream closet right here!